Wednesday, November 12, 2008

HSM3 and a pregnant woman

Yesterday I took Dakota and Josie to see HSM3 with Tana and Taryn. Tana has seen this movie 10 times, yes it is that good. If you loved Hairspray and the other 2 HSM then you will love this one also. Anyways as a pregnant woman my hormones are on the fritz and I am extra emotional, how emotional I didn't realize until yesterday. I balled my eyes out, no exaggeration. I was sobbing when Gabriella left and Troy was so confused. I couldn't believe it, I just couldn't stop myself. And I know it wasn't that sad, come on its a teenage love story. So here is my warning, you know like the one you'll find on your medicine bottle,: If you are pregnant or planning on becoming pregnant or nursing contact your doctor before seeing this movie.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I'm a pwincess

So here area a couple pics of Jo for Halloween. She kept dancing around in her costume so it was hard to get a good pic. She was a pwincess, she is so obsessed with Cinderella and Bawbie. We went with Brit and Josie kept running to catch up with Avery, saying "wait for me Avery". Frances and I got seperated from the crowd and just went to Brit's house and handed out candy with her mom. Brit got some Halloween pencils from Chea and thought that they would be a great treat. Luckily her mom bought some candy too. Anyways when teenagers would come up I would give them a pencil and they looked at me like are you kidding. Brit's mom had pity on them and gave them a handful of candy.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Baby Merrick

We got to watch Merrick yesterday. Josie had fun with him and was nice to him. She fed him the bottle and told him no, no baby when he tried grabbing her with his hands. She brought him all his toys and watched Blue's Clue's with him. He began cooing during the show and she told him "shhh baby". When Dakota came home and was holding him Josie threw a fit and tried pulling his legs saying "my baby". She wanted him back on the floor where she could see him and rub his head. I can't believe what a good baby he is. Of course Cy tried to eat him up, being the baby lover he is.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Happy Halloween

This year I bought the foam pumpkins instead of real ones. The kids had fun carving them nonetheless. It was less messy but the kids said it was a little harder to carve. I think I like the foam ones better.
Josie being the movie watcher she is loves the Barbie movies- Rapunzel and The Nutcracker. At the beginning Barbie and Kelly are together before Barbie tells her the story. So now Josie calls me Barbie. And she is finally getting potty trained. She will go pee but calls it poop. The deciding factor I guess was that she gets to empty the toilet. She hasn't pooped in it but hopefully before she turns 3.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

My political stand

Tonite as we were eating, Fletcher got some ice cubes and Josie said " Dad I want some rocks" Took a minute to realize what she wanted. Now at the risk of sounding political let me just say this. I really want to watch the debates, mainly to watch Palin, I really like her. But I guess I have too much red hot blood from my dad, I get to worked up at the opposite side and want to yell at the tv and tell the other guy that he's cheating you can't walk a batter. Wait I had a flash back to little league days. What I meant is you can't make up lies and say it like its the truth. Thats all I'm gonna say about that.

Monday, September 29, 2008

A change of scenery

So I guess the general consenses is that your all tired of looking at my pics. Well here is a recap of what has been going on. The kids are on fall break so we went to NM. The kids had a blast as they always do. Cy's highlight was when he "totaled" Fletcher's blue pickup. They were in the horse pasture, which is really a whole lotta empty land. Anyways he hit a post, apparantly the only one for miles and scrapped up the side of the truck. They had to pry open the door with a crow bar. Fletcher was surprisingly calm, he kept saying its my fault I let him drive. Cy after seeing he wasn't in BIG trouble, came bounding into the house saying "Mom I totaled dad's truck, he was proud as can be.

Josie is really into Barbie and Toy Story. Only she calls it towboy, boody, and buzz. Dakota found a Woody costume at a thrift store in NM and Josie had to dress up in it and she said she was Jessie and she does her yodelling. It is pretty funny.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

It's a Baaaby

So I went back to the doctor on Friday and they did an ultrasound. They are pretty sure it's a girl. You can see her little fist in the pics and her face. They arn't Chea Lamb Photography good but you get the basic idea. She kept trying to hide from the camera, which is so not like me or Josie. When we showed Jo the pictures she kept one and said my baby. Then I asked her where the baby was and she pointed to her stomach and pushed it out. "my baby" then she wanted me to say hi to her belly. She is a crack up. Won't she be surprised when the real baby comes.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

It's official

So I finally went to the doctor today. For the last couple weeks I've had nightmares that I'm not really pregnant and the doctor tells me that I'm just fat. Well I heard a heartbeat and they scheduled an ultrasound to find a more exact due date. Thats about all thats going on. The kids are doing well in school, the bus comes 10 min. earlier, you'd think that wouldn't make a difference but we hussle every morning to make the bus. Cy has taken up the sax. I think he really likes it. He couldn't wait for the first lesson.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

School starts

Yesterday school started for Cy and Dakota. They both have great teachers this year. And Dakota switches classes ( I can't believe she is in middle school) Dakota was a little nervous but she got on the bus and didn't want me to take her. I'm so proud. Of course Fletcher was chicken and stayed in the bedroom until they left, he wouldn't have made Dakota go to school if he saw her crying. I didn't take any pic before school because I didn't think of it. When I talked to Wendy she reminded me so I have after the first day of school pics.

Also on another note we got back from camping Sunday, of course everyone had a great time. Fletcher found a trailer for us to use so no tent. Which turned out to be a good thing since there was a bear up there, they caught it the first night. They had a bear trap and everything. I didn't go look at the bear personally but I saw pics. Look at Wendy's blog if you wanna see pics of the bears.
As Kim pointed out I have no shame which can be seen in one of the following pics.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Yes it is true

Obviously some of you thought I was joking but no I am looking for a trailer or tent to use. Oh yeah, and I really am pregnant. I will answer some of the questions right now. Yes I was pregnant at Fancy's shower, no I didn't post just so I could get comments, but if thats all it took I should have lied and said I was pregnant a long time ago. I am 12 weeks along, I havn't been to the dr yet, but this little bugger should be due around mid to late January.

Monday, July 14, 2008

List of things to do today

So since it is Monday and I need to get ready for camping and for school here is my list of things to do

1)Call Wendy and get blueberry scone recipe. check
2)Find out what I need to bring for dinner Thursday nite. check
3)Make a list of snacks. check
4)Find a trailer or tent to camp in.
5)Post on my blog that I am pregnant. check
6)Do laundry. check
7)Take a nap, thats where I am headed.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Journal Entry

We got back from NM finally. We took the long way home. We left Monday morning and went to Flagstaff, still 6 hours, but because of the time difference I thought we made good time and made it in 5 hours. We stayed with Wendy for just one day because Cy and Dakota had to go see Jaafe. But we had a great time. Josie screamed while she played with Beau, and Cy wrestled with Blue and Reed and Dakota of course went shopping. Jackie is doing great and she loves her job, she says they just ruffle clothes, not fold them. And she stand around looking pretty, which she says she is really good at.

NM was fun. They branded for three days. Cy really got into it. He helped them gather them in the morning and in the afternoon he was in charge of the implant shooter and the castration thing and the dehorning irons. I am sure those arn't the correct words for the items but they work for me. He really got into shouting "Heifer or Steer". He really took to it and was so proud when he burned his chaps with an iron and got tree scratches on them. Dakota helped the first day and then helped Carrie with "blocks" the next. Of course Josie can just play by herself anywhere. We had quite the trip to Alb. We had three, yes three flat tires on the trailer. Fletcher gets so upset by that although he should be used to it. I brought quite alot into this marriage, including the Arnett car trouble.

Our next big adventure is camping. I can't wait. Cy and Dakota area with Jaafe until Thursday and I hope he lets them come home early morning so we can go up camping early. But knowing him he'll keep them till the late afternoon just to make a point. Hopefully I havn't bored you with all this writing and no pics, but there it it.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Let's play salon

Yesterday Dakota and Josie were playing "salon"
Josie had on joker style lipstick and she painted her toes, not her toenails but her toes and half her foot. I took a couple of pics then Dakota took over and took the rest. There is one picture of Dakota when she was 2 and got into Grammie's makeup. Girls will be girls

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Girls camp was last week. It was so fun, I think I have the best calling in the ward working with the girls. We were lucky and got the same spot across from the lodge. (no up and down the hill) We go to Camp Zion on Mt Lemmon. It was Dakota's first year and I like to think she had a great time. I don't think she was to shocked or embarressed by her mother. She told the other girls that this was how her mother always acted and that Fletcher wasn't annoyed by it but it frusterated him. I wonder if that is true? I took the girls on a scenic route (we got momentarialy lost) on the way home. I figure why ruin a good thing, as last year I got us lost also.
When we got home it was so hot. It is already 112. It seems like it doesn't get that hot until July and August. Maybe that is why Fletcher is staying in NM, I think in his mind we already live in NM and he will just come and visit until it cools down or we actually do live there. Everyone needs a dream. We sure do miss him and those of you who REALLY know me, know that is odd. But we do and can't wait for him to come home even for a "visit".

Friday, May 23, 2008

Some random things I learned from the Cibola trip

I now know why my dad always has to have some sort of animal and grow something in his backyard. Example: blue house- the whole backyard in corn, or colored cotton. Baby calves in the back yard.
green house- horses and goats and pigs, I know he wanted to plant something in the front.
Where he is now- bunnies and sapling trees.Mesquite and fig trees and tomatos

That canal was really long.

Blythe is no hotter than Phoenix

I understand why my dad is so intent on living on the river. You know a nice little trailer with a "dock" in the back.

Chea is a very big cry baby, but she takes some pictures that could win a contest.

Aunt Kathy's family was RICH:) Good call Larry:)

Some yellow windows never go out of style

Tina left her furniture in her house in Blythe

The pecking order of the brothers, oldest to youngest, is alive and well

Jeff really liked his recorder

Any old truck could possibly be their old truck

Why my dad likes my house here in Vally Farms

Why HB planted his backyard in corn

Apparantly nobody scraps in Blythe, did you see all the stuff you could scrap?

HB's old flame is still hot for him

My dad and his brothers are amazing men

And lastly, Aunt Candy has alot of pictures I've never seen before

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Channy

On your way into Globe, coming from Salt River Canyon, there is a picture of an Indian painted on a block fence or something. Channy has loving told me time and time again that that is what I look like. Me, I think it looks more like Wendy, with the high cheekbones and big features. All of this is meant in a loving way. Well for her birthday I have found the perfect picture of her. Happy Birthday Channy

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Happy Birthday Wendy

Happy Birthday Wendy
Even though Wendy lives in Flagstaff, we still talk everyday at least 2 times. Sometimes we have stories and sometimes we just call to see if the other on has stories. Wendy usually calls early in the morning and leaves a nasty message about how I better not be taking a nap or laying on the couch and just not answering the phone.(This is one of my Arnett traits that shines thru) I really miss her living close by, mostly because she makes all my(her) ideas happen.
Happy Birthday!!! Your birthday check is in the mail, I hope it doesn't get lost. I forgot to send it certified mail:)

Friday, May 2, 2008

We are the Champions

Cy participated in "The Battle of the Books" last night. It was the district finals. For those of you who don't know what this is let me explain, no it is to much let me sum up. In December I think, they were given a list of books to read, like 10-15. Then at the battle they were asked questions about the books and the team with the most points won. Last night they had 10 rounds. Now those of you who know Cy know how competitive he is, yet also a good sport.
He could hardly sit down the whole time, one of the librarians had to constantly tell him to sit down, calm down ect. Before this Cy told me all he wanted to do was win so he could present the principal with the big trophy to put in the trophy case at school.
It was about an hour and a half, and yes he team came in first. He was so excited and proud. But of course, he went around to all the teams and shook their hands and told them "good job". Some of the kids looked at him like what do you want me to do?
So he now has a big trophy for home and was able to give the pricipal the big trophy for the trophy case. I am so proud of him! He would read every night one of the assigned books and also his own book- Warrior Cat is his current favorite.
I couldn't keep it all straight, like I told Wendy one time. She asked if I had read some book and told me the title and author and what it was about. I told her yeah I probably read it but it was by a different author.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Oh *#%$#@&$

Josie is at that cute stage where she will repeat what you say. It's been fun teaching her to say " I love you, I'm two, I'm cute and so on" This morning Cy was running a little late and if he misses the bus it's the end of the world. So as he is eating breakfast I mention to him the time. He looks up at the clock and says, Oh crap! Which Josie immediately copies. "Oh crap!!" While it was funny at the same time I reiterated that we must watch what we say around her. I'd hate to have her repeat what a certain cousin said, " I kicked the hell outa that ball". Speaking of balls all of you baseball fans should check out chealambphotography to see a favorite Bulldog.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Shall we dance?

Our stake has dances on Wed night, and all the youth attend. So Wed was Dakota'a first dance. Wierd. We got there and hung out for a while, I was the leader there so no I wasn't stalking her. Although had I not been a leader I would have been lurking in the hallways of the church. A boy in our ward ( a young deacon) asked her to dance, she politely said " No thank you." A little while later the same boy asked her again and she said, " NO thank you." Finally the last song and yes he asked again. ( What a brave or silly boy) This time it was "NO THANK YOU", he continues to talk. " Come on you have nothing better to do" She just stared and then looked away, like if I can't see you, you must not be there. Just when I think we're safe, one of the priests ( has two broken legs and is in a wheelchair) teasingly asks her if she'll dance with him when he gets off his cast. I thought she would look away and say no thank you. Instead she says, Maybe!! Maybe??? I guess I have taught her well, my job is done.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


On Sunday evening I decided to take a few casual photo's of Josie. Nothing to fancy just a few candid moments. They turned out wonderful as usual. I was getting ready to post them when I decided to check blogs. When lo and behold Chea had the pics already posted as her own, as if. I don't know how she did it but she got those pics and some I didn't know I took and claimed them as her own. Pretty soon they'll have CHEA LAMB PHOTOGRAPHY on them. Take a look.

Monday, March 10, 2008


At first Josie would tell me stinky when she really was. I thought how cute, but we'll put off the potty training for a while. Now even when she's wet she tells me stinky. Okay, okay so I know I should start but really it takes so much effort. And on top of that I would probably have to take the sippy cup away or she would have to pee every half hour. So really I have to tackle two things. But then it would be really nice not to buy diapers anymore.
Speaking of Josie she has the the most high pitched scream, I mean it is ear-splitting. She mostly does it when she is excited, I am told it is comparable to the scream I had as a child. Which of course I don't remember, but my parents fondly remember.
She has started saying more words and tries at complete sentences, but I think she sounds chinese with a few english sounding words thrown in. According to KC she sounds Swedish. And with that he started speaking swedish to her and she replied back in her own language of what we will call Chinish. ( Chinese and Swedish)

Now if you can believe- Dakota is 12 and in young womens. I can't believe it, she is still Josie's age to me. Thankfully I'm in YW so I can keep an eye on her and I don't worry, remember I'm the mom who cries still when I drop her off for the first day of school. Another thing for her to keep tabs on me about. She went over the calander last night telling me everything that the Beehives were doing then let me know what we were doing. To top it off she read the whole camp directors binder. She read me the rules and everything, like I havn't been and didn't know the low down. She is definitly the adult in this relationship(:
She has been anticipating the camp theme ever since girls camp last year. So needless to say she was anxious to know and had ideas of her own. I don't know what I would do with out her, she lets me know of upcoming birthdays, mutual activities and when I have the lesson. I sure do love her.

Saturday Cy was hanging upside down and he said he heard a crack and then landed on his head. His neck was sore that day and on Sunday, We saw Papa that day and he told Cy he had some medicine that would make it all better. Now which one would that be? Of course it was tea tree oil, he rubbed it on his neck and Cy said this morning it was better.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Rock-a-Bye Baby

Chan brought back a bunch of baby things and I have them on my kitchen floor. I havn't put them out in the storage yet. Josie is in love with the bouncer and swing. At first she just put her babies in them but last night I caught her in the swing. I asked if she was a baby, she said " pas and lank" that means pacifier and blankie. She thought it was so funny and she contined to swing for a while. This morning she wanted to put her tray on the high chair instead of eating at the table.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

3 day weekend

We went to NM this weekend. On the way over we went the long way (thru Tucson instead of Showlow) There was a winter advisory? It rained all thru Tucson, we were headed toward Benson, all of a sudden traffic slows way down. I'm thinking great we'll wait here forever and won't get to NM until 3 in the morning. We left at 5'oclock that afternoon. At the little hill you climb before you get to Benson is where we slowed. I see something that looks like a snow plow, so I call Wendy and ask her to check the internet. Next thing you know they are scrapping the road, thats the reason for the slow down. Now how many honestly knew it snowed in Benson, not me I mean its southern AZ. Wendy informed me that yes it does snow there, it is a high elevation. Thanks for the geograpy lesson. We had no trouble until T or C. it started snowing. Now its dark, about 12:30 and the snow is coming directly into my eyes. Thats what it looked like, if I looked at it it made me dizzy and I felt like the road was moving and I stood still.
So we made it, and the next morning Fletcher took us up the mountain so they could sled down. I of course got out of the truck for the obligatory 15 min. recorded some video then sat in the truck till they were done. What?? It was cold outside and I don't like getting wet, and the one that trumps them all I learned from my dad. I'll take the baby, Josie was cold and wanted to wait in the truck also.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Nothing to write just some shameless bragging. Isn't she cute, notice I said cute not sweet. Cy said she was born the year of the dragon (Chinese New Year stuff) maybe thats why she breathes fire.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

For Valentines Day I had a nice dish of crow pie

Fletcher is in NM & didn't know when he would be back, he was working as fast and hard as he can( his words not mine) He called me this morning and asked if I wanted the money or flowers, he couldn't believe he couldn't get any flowers delivered this late. Of course I wanted the cash. I told him it didn't matter anyways, I didn't get him anything either. Of course secretly I wanted something to show his adoring love for me, who doesn't. So we hung up and I was thinking thats typical.
A couple hours later my neighbor shows up with roses and a big balloon and perfume. Apparantly Fletcher had arranged all this on Sunday before he left to NM.
Of course I waited a couple hours before I called and told him thak you and I love you and all the appropriate mushy stuff. I was wrong and had a big ol' piece of humble pie.

Happy Valentines Day

Dakota wanted to take a funny picture and post it, so here it is. She says it is a Valentine for Papa.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Which one?

I've been toying with the idea of dying my hair dark. I've always wanted to, I did it once and I liked it so why not. Well according to someone who shall remain nameless, she thinks I can't pull it off. ( I think she just wants to be the only brownie) I think I could do it. No I won't be cutting my hair just coloring, so keep that in mind when looking at the pictures. Also as I was looking at the pictures myself, what is it that they say about the eyes being the window to the soul. Well in this case it is true, so if I look a little spooky or crazy don't worry, I am. So please weigh in and let me know your opinion. Don't worry my feeling wont be heard, I'm an Arnett we know I will just do what I want anyway.

Friday, January 25, 2008

To be irrational or not

You might be irrational if.....

You argue with the sonic chic about who is right. Did you really order at happy hour or were you just a little early?

You decide not to eat anything more than lettuce, because if you eat you will gain weight, never mind that is why we eat. To live.

You wear a short brown hair wig to your New Beginning and you are a leader.

You get upset if your mentioned in this little ditty.

You drive yourself to the emergency room, knowing you'll probably get your appendix out, but tell your husband to stay home until your almost under.

You decide to move 3 days after you have surgery.

You want to dump a goat in your ex's yard, since you have been feeding it since HE bought it.

You go camping and wear a shower cap on your head because you think it makes your headache feel better.

You go and yell at the guy scraping the snow, about a do gooder neighbor that came and told you to move the car, and your daughter in law just had a surgery and your from the valley and the nerve of that guy. Only to find out he IS the do gooder neighbor come to help you shovel the car out.

You tell some one your on edge and about to blow, and they smile and say I like you like that.

Now that I think about it not all these things are irrational, are they? Maybe as a recovering irrationalist I've lost sight of what is and what is not irrational. But some of these things are just funny, I don't care who you are:)

Friday, January 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Cy and Josie

On Monday we celebrated Cy and Josie's birthday. Well actually it was a sorry excuse for a party. But I havn't had to host a party for Cy for a couple years as Super Dad does that. He fell thru this year. We had cake and candles and a new DS game for Cy which he is very pleased with. Jo got whatever she wants. Kindof like everyday only different cuz it was her birthday. Cy is one of a kind. I love his thirst for knowledge he just wants to know how everything works and proceeds to tell you about it, and make up what he doesn't remember or understand. Josie what do I say, she is naughty and when I say that I don't just mean terrible two's. She is seriously naughty. She will spit at you when she doesn't want to listen to you, tell you go, scream loudly, try to scratch you BUT as I am told she is SO CUTE. She also has a sweet side, she will give you hugs and kisses when you come home and is so excited to see you. She loves her babies.
So HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my two favorite January babies.