Monday, March 10, 2008


At first Josie would tell me stinky when she really was. I thought how cute, but we'll put off the potty training for a while. Now even when she's wet she tells me stinky. Okay, okay so I know I should start but really it takes so much effort. And on top of that I would probably have to take the sippy cup away or she would have to pee every half hour. So really I have to tackle two things. But then it would be really nice not to buy diapers anymore.
Speaking of Josie she has the the most high pitched scream, I mean it is ear-splitting. She mostly does it when she is excited, I am told it is comparable to the scream I had as a child. Which of course I don't remember, but my parents fondly remember.
She has started saying more words and tries at complete sentences, but I think she sounds chinese with a few english sounding words thrown in. According to KC she sounds Swedish. And with that he started speaking swedish to her and she replied back in her own language of what we will call Chinish. ( Chinese and Swedish)

Now if you can believe- Dakota is 12 and in young womens. I can't believe it, she is still Josie's age to me. Thankfully I'm in YW so I can keep an eye on her and I don't worry, remember I'm the mom who cries still when I drop her off for the first day of school. Another thing for her to keep tabs on me about. She went over the calander last night telling me everything that the Beehives were doing then let me know what we were doing. To top it off she read the whole camp directors binder. She read me the rules and everything, like I havn't been and didn't know the low down. She is definitly the adult in this relationship(:
She has been anticipating the camp theme ever since girls camp last year. So needless to say she was anxious to know and had ideas of her own. I don't know what I would do with out her, she lets me know of upcoming birthdays, mutual activities and when I have the lesson. I sure do love her.

Saturday Cy was hanging upside down and he said he heard a crack and then landed on his head. His neck was sore that day and on Sunday, We saw Papa that day and he told Cy he had some medicine that would make it all better. Now which one would that be? Of course it was tea tree oil, he rubbed it on his neck and Cy said this morning it was better.