Friday, December 30, 2011

Hillbilly fun!

I thought I would post some pictures of Cy "sledding".

Also Macy still wears no clothes and here are some pictures.

Finally unpacked the living room and got the coat closet together. Slowly but surely the house is getting unpacked.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Back in the saddle

So here I am again. Lots has happened so let me explain, no there is too much let me sum it up. We are now in the land of entrapment--New Mexico. It has been a pretty rough run for those of us who resisted the move. Before I go on I want to apologize up front if I offend anyone, which I probably will because thats what I do. This blog is a journal of sorts so I am going to write and "keep it real", so don't read if you are easily offended. Ok disclaimer finished and its not even in small print.
So back to our first week here. Dakota came back from Jaafe's with lice, so we dealt with that and lots unpacking and trying to make the kids lives as normal as possible. Then it snowed and we were majorly lacking in the prepardness department for cold weather, let alone snow. The kids and I experienced our first snow day and late start school days. As I went through the little girls clothes I found we were set for summer and winter weather in AZ but I had no warm clothes for the girls. Josie loved the snow and played in the first snow fall, she reminded myself of me when we lived in Utah and I played in my first snowfall. She was prepared with her goggles. Macy preferred to look out the window at the snow and stay inside with just her diaper on. We still can't get her to keep clothes on, she still thinks we live in AZ.
We did cut a Christmas tree down and I must admit the tree looked alot smaller when we were outside in the wide open. But it is beautiful and wide.
I took Cy and Dakota to Az for their visit with Jaafe and while we were there it snowed alot back in NM. Fletcher and the girls missed the Arnett Christmas party because the roads were closed to come to AZ. When I drove home the next day I had to park my car in Magdalena because our forest road wasn't bladed. We were "snowed in" the next couple of days and I pretty much slept those days because thats what I do. Fletcher got our road bladed and we were free. It is pretty weird driving down our road all covered in snow and snow all around then you get off our road and its normal. Makes me feel like an ice road trucker.
Lots of new experiences to come I am sure.