Friday, January 25, 2008

To be irrational or not

You might be irrational if.....

You argue with the sonic chic about who is right. Did you really order at happy hour or were you just a little early?

You decide not to eat anything more than lettuce, because if you eat you will gain weight, never mind that is why we eat. To live.

You wear a short brown hair wig to your New Beginning and you are a leader.

You get upset if your mentioned in this little ditty.

You drive yourself to the emergency room, knowing you'll probably get your appendix out, but tell your husband to stay home until your almost under.

You decide to move 3 days after you have surgery.

You want to dump a goat in your ex's yard, since you have been feeding it since HE bought it.

You go camping and wear a shower cap on your head because you think it makes your headache feel better.

You go and yell at the guy scraping the snow, about a do gooder neighbor that came and told you to move the car, and your daughter in law just had a surgery and your from the valley and the nerve of that guy. Only to find out he IS the do gooder neighbor come to help you shovel the car out.

You tell some one your on edge and about to blow, and they smile and say I like you like that.

Now that I think about it not all these things are irrational, are they? Maybe as a recovering irrationalist I've lost sight of what is and what is not irrational. But some of these things are just funny, I don't care who you are:)

Friday, January 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Cy and Josie

On Monday we celebrated Cy and Josie's birthday. Well actually it was a sorry excuse for a party. But I havn't had to host a party for Cy for a couple years as Super Dad does that. He fell thru this year. We had cake and candles and a new DS game for Cy which he is very pleased with. Jo got whatever she wants. Kindof like everyday only different cuz it was her birthday. Cy is one of a kind. I love his thirst for knowledge he just wants to know how everything works and proceeds to tell you about it, and make up what he doesn't remember or understand. Josie what do I say, she is naughty and when I say that I don't just mean terrible two's. She is seriously naughty. She will spit at you when she doesn't want to listen to you, tell you go, scream loudly, try to scratch you BUT as I am told she is SO CUTE. She also has a sweet side, she will give you hugs and kisses when you come home and is so excited to see you. She loves her babies.
So HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my two favorite January babies.