Monday, October 29, 2007

I should be making the sample crafts for the "Super Saturday", but of course I now have all these other things that need to be done. Go thru my closet, catch up on my blog, maybe a little nap. Yesterday was the Primary Program, I was so proud of Dakota and Cy. Dakota knew all the songs and her part, she is such a sweet girl I can't believe she's almost 12. Cy was true to form. He said his part and then when he finished he smacked his head like he did something wrong. It was a source of amusement for all in the chapel. He did a great job singing also you could definitly hear him. Then there's Josie. She was fine until after the sacrament. Danny and Fancy took her out and she fought, I mean really kicking screaming scratching arching her back, for about 15 min then gave up and went to sleep. She is so charming.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Baa Baa black sheep

Josie was chasing the goat around this afternoon, she is the only one who can get near it. She goes up and smacks it and pulls its tail. Now the goat is missing his friends the horses so he plays in the front yard and is bleating loudly. Josie goes right up to his face and tells it, "no,no,no,no Baaa. That must be her way of telling it to be quiet. Then the goat takes a poo, well alot of poo's. Josie thinks its funny and proceeds to pick up a nanny berry and squish it. Atleast she didn't eat it.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery

Saturday I bought Cy a new pair of Sunday shoes. They were loafer style. Sunday afternoon he puts them on and walks out of his room and says, "I look like Papa".
I have to say he did. Whether he knew it or not, he only had one sock on, so he did look like Papa when he wouldn't wear socks. We finished getting ready and left for church. As he is walking up to the church he must have realized or saw that he still only had on one sock! He laughed and said how he looked like papa again. I thought he would want to go back home for a sock, but he thought it was hilarious and wanted to go tell all his buddies how he looked like Papa.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Okay if you were tired of looking at my jack o lanterns, like Wendy and Anthony you should have just said so. But being tagged gives me an excuse to update my blog. So

4 jobs I've had: Shoney's- When the fanny hits the seat, the water hits the table
Airport Gift Shop- thanks to Wayne, I met Eraina and Don
Dairy Queen- I gained 15 lbs in just 3 months
Bank of America- I never balanced & is that 2 zeros or 3
4 places I've lived
Chandler, before it was a shopping mecca
Mesa, before it was little Mexico but not before it was the hood
Queen Creek, before it was the "rich" place to live
Valley Farms, or Florence but not Coolidge
4 movies I love
Nacho Libre- It is my "duty"
Pride and Prejudice- The A&E version, thanks to Dana and Lindsay
and one looooong night in Utah
Chorus Line- fullfills my dream of performing on stage
Hairspray/Grease- need I say more
4 movies I'd love to see
I can't think of any that don't have a sad ending or are
unrealistic in the romantic sense or that are just plain wrong.
4 wierd things about me
I can't think of any that you all don't already know but here goes
I pick my toes until they bleed
I like the soft skin on my arm, especially when it's cold
I love to collect fabric but I don't like to sew
I like to eat the peanut first then the chocolate in peanut M&M's
4 places I'd rather be
The beach
A beach
An exquisite beach
How about the beach

Now Chan you need to update I tag you.
And Chea, Fancy pants gave you a perfect excuse to update your blog

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Mr. Jack-o-lantern is very round and fat

Do you remember that song? He has a yellow candle right beneath his hat. What about "What do you want to be on Halloween night? A witch or a goblin or a ghost? What do you want to be well don't tell me. Wait till Halloween and let me guess." I have the tape for those who are interested in a trip done memory lane. Like 20 years ago.
Anyways for FHE we carved pumpkins. We gutted them, and saved the seeds to cook. Josie couldn't wait and ate the guts, but spit out the seeds. The kids had alot of fun and want to do another one next week. They are from left to right- Cy, Josie and Dakota.

Monday, October 8, 2007

You are sixteen going on seventeen...

Josie is 1 1/2 going on 18. Today in the car I gave her Dakota's lip gloss to play with. She mostly sucks on it and smears it all over her lips. After I felt she had ingested enough I asked for it back. She said "no". Josie give it to me, "No dfjjfkdfj. Her mumbo jumbo. Then she pointed her finger at me and told me no again with what I assumed were some choice words. Again I told her to give it to me, now she just turned her head and ignored me. After a few more tries she just waved at me and said "Bye" I think that is her way of telling me to talk to the hand, cause she isn't listening.
Cy and Dakota started back to school after fall break. Yesterday Cy lamented the fact that they had to go back and kept saying I hate school. I told him to stop saying hate. So this morning when I went to wake him up, the first words from his mouth are, "I despise school." Trust him to have a way with words.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Home again, home again, jiggity jig, jig

We are back from the motherland. We had a great time. The kids all got down at the reception on the dance floor. Cy and all his boy cousins were jumping around and sliding on the floor. And Dakota and Abby were getting their groove on too. Of course Josie was right in front of the wedding party while they were eating and treated them to her dancing, but only after she would check to make sure they were watching. She ran Fletcher ragged, pushing him all around where she wanted to go. She found a puppy outside and tried to feed it grass, she thinks everything eats hay.
Cy and Ty made a river that ran down the hill from the water tank and had a great time exploring. Dakota helped Gramma Debbie watch JoryAnn and Jaycey(cousins baby)
The kids had a great time. Josie found Fletcher's belt buckles and tried putting them on her belly. She knew where they were supposed to be, but couldn't figure out why hers wern't staying on. It was pretty funny.
Josie is definitly trying her boundaries. She points her finger at you and tell's you no. Everything is no. And she want's to go everywhere with her dad. Which is fine with me. When she would see a cow she would say moo and then tell it bye.
The kids are excited to go again in Nov. for shipping. This time they all will have their own horse to ride and can help gather them up and stuff. I really don't know what they do, but it sounds good.