Thursday, September 27, 2007

I know, I know

So even I'm getting sick of looking at the same post when I go to my blog. But I've gone so long I don't know where to start. So I'll just fill you in on Josie. She has learned to say Please, more like pees but you get the idea. She thinks if she says please she'll get whatever she wants. Which of course she does. She'll stand in front of the freezer and say pees, even though she has already had 4 popcicles. And she'll stand in front of the candy jar and say pees. You get the idea, if she knows she can't have it, she'll preface it with please and it works like a charm. She is definitly in the terrible two, alittle early. We were in a thrift store yesterday and I in a moment of stupidity let her play on a jeep. She played for 5-6 minutes, then I wanted to try on clothes. So I picked her up and she immediatly started screaming, kicking, thrashing. I put her in the cart and proceeded to the dressing room. All the while she is still screaming and kicking and generally raising he**. She flings herself back into the cart and starts kicking in there. This is all in the space of 2 minutes though it felt like eternity for me. But on the up side I found a desk just like the one Wendy found at a thrift store and I've been coveting it. So of course I had to get it. Nevermind I don't have any room for it. But it was destiny and it was only $25. So now I have a little less room in the kitchen, but I do have a lovely desk.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

An Ordinary Man

"An Ordinary Man, they say he's nothing more than just an ordinary man
He saves me from the crash by flashing me that knowing grin
And if my Father up in Heaven is anything like him than I would give the world
to be with him thru all eternity
And tell him thanks for sending me to just an ordinary man"

Lyrics from "An Ordinary Man"
Happy Birthday Dad
I love you

Monday, September 10, 2007

Pat a cake, pat a cake, bakers man

Josie decided to help me make cinnamon rolls. She mostly liked the butter and dough.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Say cheese

These are the only photos I could find of Chea. She usually is behind the camera. She is the one that makes us all look beautiful and glamorous. It's a gift,but she thinks everyone sees like that. She made me wedding magazine perfect with me as the centerfold. My kids look like tv ads. She definitly sees the world thru a soft focus lens.Happy Birthday and a million diet coke with lime birthday wishes.

Friday, September 7, 2007

This little piggy..

For activity day yesterday, we were going to make this cute little piggy banks out of little aquapod water bottles. Wendy said they were going to do it for theirs. Cute idea but no real instructions, like do you paint the pig with paint, how do you get things to stick ect. How hard could it be?
The girls seem to enjoy painting the water bottles, oh yeah first I made them drink the water and then they could paint. I guess I didn't take into account the drying time. Oh well. Next we tried to glue on pipe cleaner ears and tails, and googly eyes. Now glue is a tricky thing. If you have the right kind everything works out, the wrong kind and its a disaster. No I did not use hot glue,although it may have worked out better. I had a clear all purpose stick to everything glue, everything except painted plastic. By the end all the eyes and tails had fallen off and they were left with a bad preschool project. A pink painted water bottle. It's okay 'cause they had more popcorn and vacumned up the mess. It seems to be their favorite part the vacumning. Maybe next time we'll just vacumn the church.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Happy, Happy Birthday children dear.....

A special Birthday wish for Fancy Pants. I hope you get that dog you always wanted. I'm sure Danny wouldn't deprive you of something you love, and you do ask for so little.

And another birthday shout out to my lovely brother, Pierce. You are almost elusive as the shadow (Casey), but then you did learn from the best. May all your birthday wishes come true,as long as they are a large bag of chips.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Good Times

We spent a lovely Labor Day weekend up in Flagstaff, with Wendy. Friday was full of Goodwill weigh by the pound, Savers, and Eric's. Cy and Reed spent their time watching tv and Dakota of course with the adults and Blue alternating between the boys and Josie and Beau.
Saturday Papa showed up around 9 am, which was unexpected but fortunate for us. We of course left him to watch tv(cable) and the youngins. We went to Target for what I don't know and I can't really remember what else we did. But I do remember a conversation that was had with Chea where I learned a new word. I was asking her when and if she was coming up. We wanted to go downtown but if she was coming we would wait for her. She said we should go and then when she came we could go again, because she didn't want to go to any woodcutter stores. OKaaaaaaay, any woodcutter stores? Because Wendy and I have a fetish for saws? What do you mean woodcutter stores. Wendy of coures offered an explanation,( Blue does speak a foriegn language). You mean granola or tree hugger store. Yeah those. Again, because Wendy and I are granola's? We would wait for her to come.

Now Sunday was a treat it should almost have its own blog. Chea decided that we should make a memory (all of us up there). First it was go downtown to the art show, then to an arboretum, then Sunset Crater the list goes on and on. We must make a memory. We, well technically her and Wendy agreed upon Walnut Canyon. Okay, we'll go. Now I was expecting to look down on a canyon eat some walnuts go to a gift shop and call it good. We loaded into three different cars and head to Walnut Canyon. We get there and you hike down the canyon, which incidentally there are no walnuts anywhere. And then you hike back up. I'm all for memory making and such, but hiking. Oh there are stairs you climb down, then up. Oh thats better as I didn't bring any other shoes but flops. We start down, not bad then I see people coming up and they look like they're breathing alittle heavy. We get half way down and my legs are shaking,now to my credit so are a few other peoples and I am carrying Josie.

After a few picture memories thanks to Chea, which I hope she will post on her blog. Hint Hint. We head back up. At this point I'm thinking why did we choose this memory. After some huffing and puffing and Chea running the last steps with Josie, yes Josie. We made it to the top. Good times, good memories. We all were alittle red in the face and I personally felt like a salt lick, but we headed home.

Yes I am almost done. The adults went to a sushi place for lunch. Now Dad hates Japanese food, but he was a good sport. I think he was hoping they had catfish. Of course Chea, Wayne, Chan and Lee all ordered sushi. Some flying spider stuff, some Las Vegas show girl stuff and various other dead, non cooked fish. Apparantly its good, me I can't get past the raw fish thing. Chea said just pretend its cooked.(She is a big fan). Well the thing is....... I already know its not and I can't pretend otherwise. I think the highlight of the meal, as there were many, but I will leave something for the others to post, was when Dad asked the waiter for some butter for his rice. Butter you say, yes butter. No we do not have any butter, maybe some oil or something but no butter.
I think I'll stop for now and go find my pics that Chea took of my beautiful kids and post them later. Something for you to look foward to.