Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Summer doings

We had a busy couple weeks before school started. First we spent almost a week at the ranch, then we were off to Colorado for the Arnett reunion. Josie participated in the Old Timer's Rodeo in Magdalena again. She thinks she is so big. Cy helped Granddad gather cattle for a couple days and then we were off to Farmington to stay with Chan for a couple days before the reunion.

Cy, Trey and Reed doing something in the mud

Josie of course posing

Macy and Tana

Macy with a mouthful of dirt, she learned this from

The reunion was so much fun, it was good to get to visit with Dana and see her kids. And of course to see my favorite auntie Kathy. The kids had a ball playing in the lake. They must have stayed in the water for hours and hours. Even Cy couldn't stand it any longer and got in. The auction was a hit and so was the talent show. I think Jackson running in a circle doing donkey kicks was my favorite. I hated to come home.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Don't crap in your own backyard

I was out filling up Josie's pool with water and when I was done I looked behind the pool and saw dog crap. I say how did a dang dog get in the yard, its all fenced. Some stupid dog got in and took a crap in my yard, Josie overhears this and tells me that it wasn't a dog it was her. What you pooped out here. Yeah she says, I was jumping on the trampoline and had to go so I just went out here. What!!!! I guess if boys can pee outside she figured why cant I go outside to. She is so precious

Friday, January 29, 2010

So no I'm not moving to NM like I thought. Here is why.....
Re: Your Move to New Mexico‏
Jaafe Kellis (jaafek@swbell.net)
Thu 1/28/10 11:23 AM
cmurphye3@hotmail.com; colbyandwendy@hotmail.com; bullrider7018@yahoo.com
Heidi, not sure what your motive is behind sending this e-mail to your family. Whatever works for you. Again, the only people who suffer from your antics are our kids! The letter you handed me was quite assumptive. It is odd you think it is okay to leave your kids and then tell me how to raise them. So, one more time, let me know what your thoughts are because I intend to talk to the kids this weekend. Thanks, Jaafe From: Heidi Tigner Date: Wed, 27 Jan 2010 16:17:51 -0700To: chan; ; Fletcher; jaafeSubject: FW: Your Move to New Mexico Date: Wed, 27 Jan 2010 11:27:07 -0800From: jaafek@swbell.netSubject: Your Move to New MexicoTo: cowboyrose1@hotmail.com Heidi, I have read the letter you handed me on Saturday, January 23rd. I have a couple of responses and a couple questions in regards to your letter. First, I'm curious why you are leaving in March? This is right in the middle of the kids school semester. It seems like poor planning and will only impact the kids negatively because they will have to change schools in the middle of their semester. Would you consider leaving in May after their school year ends? Just to clarify, Megan and I both support the kids to continue going to church. However, we do not attend the Mormon church. We will arrange for the kids to go to church, so long as they choose to go, with friends or family. This will also apply to seminary in 9th-12th grade. If the kids choose to go, we completely support them but they will not be forced. We will need to go back to court before you leave so I kindly suggest you get a court request. I have spoke to our lawyer and I will be seeking child support. I am really hoping you cooperate and go to court. Otherwise, I will be forced to ask that your rights to parenting be waived because you are leaving by your choice. I'm not positive what your motive is but it is best we just go through the court to formalize everything. Also I do not believe it is my responsibility to be financially obligated to get the kids to or from New Mexico. Whatever times are agreed on that the kids should come to New Mexico, we will see this is your obligation. I will not be able to meet you halfway either. Again, this is a choice you are making. We cannot adjust our family life everytime you decide to adjust yours. Finally, I think we all should sit down with the kids and explain to them what is going to happen together. Megan and I will tell them ourselves if you prefer though. I want you to know I will be explaining you have chose this change. We will in no way speak poorly about you or your situation, but we believe they need to know the truth. I do have to say I am very surprised you are leaving your children. I trust you have thought about how your voluntary move to New Mexico will impact our 12 and 14 year old children now and when they are grown. I still believe, as I have already told you, the kids would benefit the most if you and I were both here. Please let me know your thoughts asap. I intend to talk to the kids this weekend. Thanks, Jaafe

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

January is full of birthdays

Sunday was a busy day. Cy was ordained to the Aaronic Priesthood. Yes he is a deacon now. I can't believe it. We had a mass birthday party for Cy, Josie and Macy that evening at Wendy's. They are all within a week, literally. Macy is the 10th, Cy is the 14th and Jo is the 17th. Josie has been planning her party since the beginning of January. She wanted to have it at Beau's and wanted Wendy to make the cake. And the party was to be a Princess Aurora party. ( side note: this is the only Disney princess I know that has three names- Briar Rose, Princess Aurora and Sleeping Beauty) Anyways, Josie kept asking all week is it on- meaning her birthday, so Sunday morning I was able to tell her it's your birthday today, aand she said-"It's on?" Yes Jo its on. We did have it at Wendy's but I made the cake, looking back I should've had Wendy do it, she is much more creative. Josie loved her party, I think the club house in the backyard had a lot to do with it and the fact that she got tap tap shoes and entertained us for awhile with her dancing. She takes after her mom that way.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

by the way

the cowboyrose blog address has changed to www.neversaywhoainahorserace.blogspot.com

Wishing you loads of cheer this new year...

So for those of you who didn't get a Christmas card, its allright. I didn't do them I did Happy New Year cards. Happy New Year!!!

Christmas Dresses

Grammie made these beautiful dresses for the girls for Christmas. The fabric I picked out for Dakota didn't turn out so well. So we'll try again for Easter.

Snow, no not here, in NM

After Christmas we went to the ranch. Josie was sure that it was going to snow there, and luckily the next day it did snow. Not as much as she would have liked but enough for her to make a snowball and taste the snow with her tongue.