Tuesday, July 22, 2008

School starts

Yesterday school started for Cy and Dakota. They both have great teachers this year. And Dakota switches classes ( I can't believe she is in middle school) Dakota was a little nervous but she got on the bus and didn't want me to take her. I'm so proud. Of course Fletcher was chicken and stayed in the bedroom until they left, he wouldn't have made Dakota go to school if he saw her crying. I didn't take any pic before school because I didn't think of it. When I talked to Wendy she reminded me so I have after the first day of school pics.

Also on another note we got back from camping Sunday, of course everyone had a great time. Fletcher found a trailer for us to use so no tent. Which turned out to be a good thing since there was a bear up there, they caught it the first night. They had a bear trap and everything. I didn't go look at the bear personally but I saw pics. Look at Wendy's blog if you wanna see pics of the bears.
As Kim pointed out I have no shame which can be seen in one of the following pics.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Yes it is true

Obviously some of you thought I was joking but no I am looking for a trailer or tent to use. Oh yeah, and I really am pregnant. I will answer some of the questions right now. Yes I was pregnant at Fancy's shower, no I didn't post just so I could get comments, but if thats all it took I should have lied and said I was pregnant a long time ago. I am 12 weeks along, I havn't been to the dr yet, but this little bugger should be due around mid to late January.

Monday, July 14, 2008

List of things to do today

So since it is Monday and I need to get ready for camping and for school here is my list of things to do

1)Call Wendy and get blueberry scone recipe. check
2)Find out what I need to bring for dinner Thursday nite. check
3)Make a list of snacks. check
4)Find a trailer or tent to camp in.
5)Post on my blog that I am pregnant. check
6)Do laundry. check
7)Take a nap, thats where I am headed.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Journal Entry

We got back from NM finally. We took the long way home. We left Monday morning and went to Flagstaff, still 6 hours, but because of the time difference I thought we made good time and made it in 5 hours. We stayed with Wendy for just one day because Cy and Dakota had to go see Jaafe. But we had a great time. Josie screamed while she played with Beau, and Cy wrestled with Blue and Reed and Dakota of course went shopping. Jackie is doing great and she loves her job, she says they just ruffle clothes, not fold them. And she stand around looking pretty, which she says she is really good at.

NM was fun. They branded for three days. Cy really got into it. He helped them gather them in the morning and in the afternoon he was in charge of the implant shooter and the castration thing and the dehorning irons. I am sure those arn't the correct words for the items but they work for me. He really got into shouting "Heifer or Steer". He really took to it and was so proud when he burned his chaps with an iron and got tree scratches on them. Dakota helped the first day and then helped Carrie with "blocks" the next. Of course Josie can just play by herself anywhere. We had quite the trip to Alb. We had three, yes three flat tires on the trailer. Fletcher gets so upset by that although he should be used to it. I brought quite alot into this marriage, including the Arnett car trouble.

Our next big adventure is camping. I can't wait. Cy and Dakota area with Jaafe until Thursday and I hope he lets them come home early morning so we can go up camping early. But knowing him he'll keep them till the late afternoon just to make a point. Hopefully I havn't bored you with all this writing and no pics, but there it it.