Friday, May 23, 2008

Some random things I learned from the Cibola trip

I now know why my dad always has to have some sort of animal and grow something in his backyard. Example: blue house- the whole backyard in corn, or colored cotton. Baby calves in the back yard.
green house- horses and goats and pigs, I know he wanted to plant something in the front.
Where he is now- bunnies and sapling trees.Mesquite and fig trees and tomatos

That canal was really long.

Blythe is no hotter than Phoenix

I understand why my dad is so intent on living on the river. You know a nice little trailer with a "dock" in the back.

Chea is a very big cry baby, but she takes some pictures that could win a contest.

Aunt Kathy's family was RICH:) Good call Larry:)

Some yellow windows never go out of style

Tina left her furniture in her house in Blythe

The pecking order of the brothers, oldest to youngest, is alive and well

Jeff really liked his recorder

Any old truck could possibly be their old truck

Why my dad likes my house here in Vally Farms

Why HB planted his backyard in corn

Apparantly nobody scraps in Blythe, did you see all the stuff you could scrap?

HB's old flame is still hot for him

My dad and his brothers are amazing men

And lastly, Aunt Candy has alot of pictures I've never seen before

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Channy

On your way into Globe, coming from Salt River Canyon, there is a picture of an Indian painted on a block fence or something. Channy has loving told me time and time again that that is what I look like. Me, I think it looks more like Wendy, with the high cheekbones and big features. All of this is meant in a loving way. Well for her birthday I have found the perfect picture of her. Happy Birthday Channy

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Happy Birthday Wendy

Happy Birthday Wendy
Even though Wendy lives in Flagstaff, we still talk everyday at least 2 times. Sometimes we have stories and sometimes we just call to see if the other on has stories. Wendy usually calls early in the morning and leaves a nasty message about how I better not be taking a nap or laying on the couch and just not answering the phone.(This is one of my Arnett traits that shines thru) I really miss her living close by, mostly because she makes all my(her) ideas happen.
Happy Birthday!!! Your birthday check is in the mail, I hope it doesn't get lost. I forgot to send it certified mail:)

Friday, May 2, 2008

We are the Champions

Cy participated in "The Battle of the Books" last night. It was the district finals. For those of you who don't know what this is let me explain, no it is to much let me sum up. In December I think, they were given a list of books to read, like 10-15. Then at the battle they were asked questions about the books and the team with the most points won. Last night they had 10 rounds. Now those of you who know Cy know how competitive he is, yet also a good sport.
He could hardly sit down the whole time, one of the librarians had to constantly tell him to sit down, calm down ect. Before this Cy told me all he wanted to do was win so he could present the principal with the big trophy to put in the trophy case at school.
It was about an hour and a half, and yes he team came in first. He was so excited and proud. But of course, he went around to all the teams and shook their hands and told them "good job". Some of the kids looked at him like what do you want me to do?
So he now has a big trophy for home and was able to give the pricipal the big trophy for the trophy case. I am so proud of him! He would read every night one of the assigned books and also his own book- Warrior Cat is his current favorite.
I couldn't keep it all straight, like I told Wendy one time. She asked if I had read some book and told me the title and author and what it was about. I told her yeah I probably read it but it was by a different author.