Thursday, April 24, 2008

Oh *#%$#@&$

Josie is at that cute stage where she will repeat what you say. It's been fun teaching her to say " I love you, I'm two, I'm cute and so on" This morning Cy was running a little late and if he misses the bus it's the end of the world. So as he is eating breakfast I mention to him the time. He looks up at the clock and says, Oh crap! Which Josie immediately copies. "Oh crap!!" While it was funny at the same time I reiterated that we must watch what we say around her. I'd hate to have her repeat what a certain cousin said, " I kicked the hell outa that ball". Speaking of balls all of you baseball fans should check out chealambphotography to see a favorite Bulldog.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Shall we dance?

Our stake has dances on Wed night, and all the youth attend. So Wed was Dakota'a first dance. Wierd. We got there and hung out for a while, I was the leader there so no I wasn't stalking her. Although had I not been a leader I would have been lurking in the hallways of the church. A boy in our ward ( a young deacon) asked her to dance, she politely said " No thank you." A little while later the same boy asked her again and she said, " NO thank you." Finally the last song and yes he asked again. ( What a brave or silly boy) This time it was "NO THANK YOU", he continues to talk. " Come on you have nothing better to do" She just stared and then looked away, like if I can't see you, you must not be there. Just when I think we're safe, one of the priests ( has two broken legs and is in a wheelchair) teasingly asks her if she'll dance with him when he gets off his cast. I thought she would look away and say no thank you. Instead she says, Maybe!! Maybe??? I guess I have taught her well, my job is done.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


On Sunday evening I decided to take a few casual photo's of Josie. Nothing to fancy just a few candid moments. They turned out wonderful as usual. I was getting ready to post them when I decided to check blogs. When lo and behold Chea had the pics already posted as her own, as if. I don't know how she did it but she got those pics and some I didn't know I took and claimed them as her own. Pretty soon they'll have CHEA LAMB PHOTOGRAPHY on them. Take a look.