Wednesday, November 12, 2008

HSM3 and a pregnant woman

Yesterday I took Dakota and Josie to see HSM3 with Tana and Taryn. Tana has seen this movie 10 times, yes it is that good. If you loved Hairspray and the other 2 HSM then you will love this one also. Anyways as a pregnant woman my hormones are on the fritz and I am extra emotional, how emotional I didn't realize until yesterday. I balled my eyes out, no exaggeration. I was sobbing when Gabriella left and Troy was so confused. I couldn't believe it, I just couldn't stop myself. And I know it wasn't that sad, come on its a teenage love story. So here is my warning, you know like the one you'll find on your medicine bottle,: If you are pregnant or planning on becoming pregnant or nursing contact your doctor before seeing this movie.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I'm a pwincess

So here area a couple pics of Jo for Halloween. She kept dancing around in her costume so it was hard to get a good pic. She was a pwincess, she is so obsessed with Cinderella and Bawbie. We went with Brit and Josie kept running to catch up with Avery, saying "wait for me Avery". Frances and I got seperated from the crowd and just went to Brit's house and handed out candy with her mom. Brit got some Halloween pencils from Chea and thought that they would be a great treat. Luckily her mom bought some candy too. Anyways when teenagers would come up I would give them a pencil and they looked at me like are you kidding. Brit's mom had pity on them and gave them a handful of candy.