Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Just call me Red,

So I have been having hair trouble for awhile, since we moved her. I got impatient and colored it with a box. Then had to have a dear relative fix it, (she will remain nameless because she is awesome and it is my fault) it then tuned purple, so we had to darken it. I always thought I wanted to be dark, everytime Chea colors her hair I think I want that color. Turns out not so cute on me! So I also have been trying to grow out my hair, so you can imagine the hideousness that has been me.
Finally broke down and went to get my hair colored. First I asked my cheerleaders if they had any suggestions. Got quite a few even an offer to put hair extensions in. So I called Mabel. She lives in Socorro but used to live in Magdalena forever. As it got nearer for me to go I started getting scared. First she could be a killer and no one would know what happened to me. Second, Mabel. What image does that conjure up? Yes its a vintage (old fashioned) name. So I had images of an older lady dying my hair with a tinge of blue and setting it in rollers. Not a bad style, I know several ladies who rock it, just not what I wanted at the time.
So I texted the girl who gave me the number and told her I was headed to Mabel's, and if I didn't show up to practice, I was dead. Get to Mabel's and she is 45-60. I know, a wide age range but after 30 we are all old. She does my hair, and keep in mind all I have ever had done are highlights with the foil. She starts to rub product into my hair, no foil. Apparently that is a way to do it when you are adding real color. I didn't know this and I am thinking, I could have got a box and done the same thing, Ahhhhhh. Well all goes well, as well as can be at this stage in the game. Now I am a red head. As I am leaving she takes my name down, she sees Tigner. I figure she probably knows Debbie and Buddy. No those names aren't familiar to her. She did do a lady's hair in Magdalena years ago, um what was her name.......Lucille Tigner.
Didn't ring a bell with me, but I figured she must be related. I leave with lots of thanks I love it. Text Becca and ask who is Lucille Tigner......wait for it.......She was Fletcher's stepgrandmother! Only here, can I get my hair done by the same lady that did Fletcher's stepgrandmother's hair!! So now I have red hair, but at least the cut is good. Becca did it last night. There is no good way to grow out a short hair cut, unless like Becca said I become a hermit for 4 months or so. Not the best way to make an impression in a town you just moved to and your husband loves and thinks is heaven. Yes I am vain, I want to look good, so short again and hopefully blonde again, soon!
Fletcher says he likes it red, but I distinctly remember him saying he hated red hair. Even when Macy was born and her hair was strawberry red. His own flesh and blood! And we all know where I rank after flesh and blood, exactly AFTER flesh and blood. Plus I heard him tell Cy, "SHHH do you want the wrath of her, yes you like it red"! Yep still got it. Be afraid, be very afraid!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year

New Years we spent at Sara and Jason's and the two older kids went to a dance. They seemed to have fun, but you can never tell. Cy gave it a 7 on a scale of 1-10. Dakota gave it a 1, but she talked non-stop about what they did so maybe it was a little higher. Fletcher and I fell asleep with the little girls around 10 and woke up a little after 12. Thats how I like to spend New Years. The snow has started to melt and has made our road a big mud bogg. Atleast when it's frozen I could drive on it. We have borrowed Gramma Debbie's pickup with 4-wheel drive so I can get out. It really is a muddy mess!! I can drive in rain and dust storms like no other but this snow and mud is giving me a run for my money.
Exciting news, I am the new seminary teacher in Magdalena and it will be the first seminary here. I am so excited!! I know I will atleast have one student- Dakota. There are 6 or 8 on the roll but if we have 2 we will be lucky. I am really excited about doing this! But you know I am not a morning person and I like my sleep so it will be interesting. Fletcher will have to help out in the mornings with the girls, so I should probably set out their clothes the night before. Track starts in three weeks and Cy is going to this. I hope he enjoys it, he is looking foward to it and the conditioning and working out.