Thursday, October 29, 2009


When you can't tell your wife when your coming home from NM....really?
You don't wear a tie to a wedding, but you wear your UofA hat...really
Your neighbor wants you to let her live with you...really?
Your students email you at 11PM and want you to buy them lunch tomorrow...really?
You pick your toes till they bleed....really?
feel free to add this list

Monday, October 26, 2009

Family pics

wait that's not a family picture

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


You may thing Macy is grumpy in these pictures, but that is just her.
The rest of the pictures are from the homecoming parade on Friday

Pictures from NM

Macy and her daddy

Josie howling like a wolf, she thought she was so funny.
Cy and Dakota, only Dakota was hiding, naughty girl.

Top of the Mountain

Old Mother Hubbard

I opened the cupboard to get Josie some cereal and this is what I found. She said her baby was sleeping. I guess this is what you do when you have no room, the whole house becomes your room.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Let me 'splain, No there is too much let me sum up

As a few of you may have noticed I've taken a sabbatical on the blogging stuff. Lots of reasons, I won't bore you but as the title says "let me sum up" Obviously we had a baby, beautiful Macy Kay Macy was a crier that rivaled Cy, and Fletcher was working out of town. So needless to say the months that followed are blacked out. So, moving on to May. We went to Cali to visit Uncle Bugs, thats what Josie calls Boggs Next went to NM and Josie competed in her first rodeo and won a buckle, Fletcher was so excited he almost peed his pants. Not really but he was excited
Of course the Arnett reunion to UT.
the Busby reunion to Cyclone Lake and all the fun that follows that.
Finally we are back from NM we were able to stay for a full week. It is so nice to stay in a house where everyone has their own room and we don't bump into each other on the way to the bathroom or kitchen. Wendy and Brit came and we made the trip to Alb. thrift stores with all of our kids. So much fun you should try it sometime.
Then they rode horses and played in the wilderness that is the ranch.
Macy is now crawling and has quite the temper, must be a redhead thing.
Wendy also took family pictures except Fletcher couldn't make it, even though we were in NM. I will post those lovely pics as soon as Wendy finds time to send me them.