Thursday, June 19, 2008

Let's play salon

Yesterday Dakota and Josie were playing "salon"
Josie had on joker style lipstick and she painted her toes, not her toenails but her toes and half her foot. I took a couple of pics then Dakota took over and took the rest. There is one picture of Dakota when she was 2 and got into Grammie's makeup. Girls will be girls

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Girls camp was last week. It was so fun, I think I have the best calling in the ward working with the girls. We were lucky and got the same spot across from the lodge. (no up and down the hill) We go to Camp Zion on Mt Lemmon. It was Dakota's first year and I like to think she had a great time. I don't think she was to shocked or embarressed by her mother. She told the other girls that this was how her mother always acted and that Fletcher wasn't annoyed by it but it frusterated him. I wonder if that is true? I took the girls on a scenic route (we got momentarialy lost) on the way home. I figure why ruin a good thing, as last year I got us lost also.
When we got home it was so hot. It is already 112. It seems like it doesn't get that hot until July and August. Maybe that is why Fletcher is staying in NM, I think in his mind we already live in NM and he will just come and visit until it cools down or we actually do live there. Everyone needs a dream. We sure do miss him and those of you who REALLY know me, know that is odd. But we do and can't wait for him to come home even for a "visit".