Wednesday, November 28, 2007

You might be irrational if....

So I've been thinking lately about writing a book, similar to you might be a redneck if... Only it would be you might be an irrational______ if. I need some help filling in the blank or even a better title. Let me give you a brief taste of some of the things I have learned.

You might be irrational if.....

You think it is okay to spray out your A/C vent thru the roof as long as you have a shower curtain on the ground.

You set your brothers trailer on fire and watch it burn while the firefighters are there.

Your sure your husband isn't having an affair even though he moved out months ago.

You call your childs teacher out to fight about them staying after school

You are sure someone is hiding behind your shower curtain everytime you come home.

You plant your whole backyard in corn, yes the whole backyard.

You think because you live in one state, that is why everything bad is happening to you, If you just lived in another state everything would be perfect.

You wonder why everyone else has a great life, except you. Nevermind you have a job, a healthy family, a place to live and all your body parts.

You yell at the other teams coach for intentionally walking your best hitter, telling him he cheated.

You scratch your face, because your mad at someone.

You cut your eyelashes on one eye, because you were mad at your parents.

The list goes on and on, so tell me what you think!!!

Monday, November 19, 2007


Here are some photos of the truck

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Black Ice and Elk

Traveling at night will prompt Papa to worry about black ice, and Fletcher to worry about elk. Or as Anthony and AJ say "Elk Elk Elk Elk" No need to worry anymore, Monday night we were headed home after spending the day with Wendy in Flagstaff. We wern't 10 minutes on the road when "Boom" we hit an elk. I thought we hit a car, until Fletcher said we just hit an elk. We were in the passing lane and he just jumped out at us and we plowed right into him. Everyone was fine except Fletcher. No don't worry he wasn't hurt physically, but his truck was mangled and his door couldn't open so he had to sit and wait for the DPS officer to come.
The funny thing is the 911 operator and the DPS officer were really concerned as to if the elk was deceased. I'm pretty sure he is dead, we have blood down the side of the car and the front and drivers side is munched up. So I called Wendy and asked her to pick us up, we would be staying another night. Her boys were excited in fact in Reeds prayers he was thankful that we would be living with them until our truck was fixed.
On our way home the next day,(in daylight) we passed by the "scene of the accident" and there was our buddy the elk still in the medium, I'm no hunter or expert but his "rack was pretty big, probably a 5x5" I have no idea what that means.

Now on to my new crusade. If Jeff can campaign for gluttonous praise then I will too. I need only 5 responses to start blogging again.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy over

This year I was humbug. Halloween is usually my holiday, this year I just wasn't in to it. I was thinking why don't we just count the church trunk or treat good and forget trick or treating. Also do you think Halloween will gradually fade away, I mean its already been around for centuries. On the bright side the Halloween award goes to Anthony and Sara. I hope they post a picture on their blog. They were like a train wreck, you had to look but at the same time you felt like you shouldn't be looking. They are top notch in the Halloween Hall of Fame. I know you all will be missing me and my wittiness,but we are going to the mother land for the weekend. So I bid you farwell.