Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Summer doings

We had a busy couple weeks before school started. First we spent almost a week at the ranch, then we were off to Colorado for the Arnett reunion. Josie participated in the Old Timer's Rodeo in Magdalena again. She thinks she is so big. Cy helped Granddad gather cattle for a couple days and then we were off to Farmington to stay with Chan for a couple days before the reunion.

Cy, Trey and Reed doing something in the mud

Josie of course posing

Macy and Tana

Macy with a mouthful of dirt, she learned this from

The reunion was so much fun, it was good to get to visit with Dana and see her kids. And of course to see my favorite auntie Kathy. The kids had a ball playing in the lake. They must have stayed in the water for hours and hours. Even Cy couldn't stand it any longer and got in. The auction was a hit and so was the talent show. I think Jackson running in a circle doing donkey kicks was my favorite. I hated to come home.