Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Just call me Red,

So I have been having hair trouble for awhile, since we moved her. I got impatient and colored it with a box. Then had to have a dear relative fix it, (she will remain nameless because she is awesome and it is my fault) it then tuned purple, so we had to darken it. I always thought I wanted to be dark, everytime Chea colors her hair I think I want that color. Turns out not so cute on me! So I also have been trying to grow out my hair, so you can imagine the hideousness that has been me.
Finally broke down and went to get my hair colored. First I asked my cheerleaders if they had any suggestions. Got quite a few even an offer to put hair extensions in. So I called Mabel. She lives in Socorro but used to live in Magdalena forever. As it got nearer for me to go I started getting scared. First she could be a killer and no one would know what happened to me. Second, Mabel. What image does that conjure up? Yes its a vintage (old fashioned) name. So I had images of an older lady dying my hair with a tinge of blue and setting it in rollers. Not a bad style, I know several ladies who rock it, just not what I wanted at the time.
So I texted the girl who gave me the number and told her I was headed to Mabel's, and if I didn't show up to practice, I was dead. Get to Mabel's and she is 45-60. I know, a wide age range but after 30 we are all old. She does my hair, and keep in mind all I have ever had done are highlights with the foil. She starts to rub product into my hair, no foil. Apparently that is a way to do it when you are adding real color. I didn't know this and I am thinking, I could have got a box and done the same thing, Ahhhhhh. Well all goes well, as well as can be at this stage in the game. Now I am a red head. As I am leaving she takes my name down, she sees Tigner. I figure she probably knows Debbie and Buddy. No those names aren't familiar to her. She did do a lady's hair in Magdalena years ago, um what was her name.......Lucille Tigner.
Didn't ring a bell with me, but I figured she must be related. I leave with lots of thanks I love it. Text Becca and ask who is Lucille Tigner......wait for it.......She was Fletcher's stepgrandmother! Only here, can I get my hair done by the same lady that did Fletcher's stepgrandmother's hair!! So now I have red hair, but at least the cut is good. Becca did it last night. There is no good way to grow out a short hair cut, unless like Becca said I become a hermit for 4 months or so. Not the best way to make an impression in a town you just moved to and your husband loves and thinks is heaven. Yes I am vain, I want to look good, so short again and hopefully blonde again, soon!
Fletcher says he likes it red, but I distinctly remember him saying he hated red hair. Even when Macy was born and her hair was strawberry red. His own flesh and blood! And we all know where I rank after flesh and blood, exactly AFTER flesh and blood. Plus I heard him tell Cy, "SHHH do you want the wrath of her, yes you like it red"! Yep still got it. Be afraid, be very afraid!