Saturday, April 21, 2012


So like everything I do I have waited until the last minute. I have a research project that is due on Wednesday, April 25,2012. I know just a few days away. So I am enlisting the help of you, whoever is out there. I am supposed to be doing research on family relations. So I have a questionnaire to fill out. It will take some time, and will possible divulge some family information, but I will keep it in confidence and then get rid of them after I use the info in my paper. I really just need the info and won't be scrutinizing you, I don't have the time or the know how yet! :) So here are the instructions and if you could copy and paste then email it to me I would really appreciate it!!

List three families

you and your siblings, your mom and her siblings, your dad and his siblings.

List in order of birth

Then write male/female, your emotional relationship with them, alcohol

/drug abluse, married, divorced or widowed, how far they live from you and what you perceive their personality to be.


Tim-male, harmonious, married, 12 hours away, caraing, happy

Ruby- female, jealous, divorced, lives 30 min away, carefree, scatted, generous

Khloe- female, distrust, alcohol/drug abuse, divorced,30 min away, immature,paranoid, rebellious

Me- female, divorced, re-marred, scattered, stubborn, easy going, lazy, optimistic



This is from your perspective and knowledge. There is no right or wrong answer. I will keep everything confidential. I am only using the information for my research paper. I won't use your name and when I am done writing my paper I will get rid of the questionnaires.


Normal/plain, indifferent/apathetic, distant/poor (usually limited communication due to different lifestyles), cut off/estranged (no contact/formerly love or friendliness), conflict, hate, harmony, close, best friends/very close, distrust, hostile, violent, abuse, manipulative, controlling, jealous, never met or other.

Personality traits-

Loyal, affectionate, ambitious, caring, rebellious, distant, unmotivated, guarded, unsure, determined, flexible, stubborn, focused, scattered, frugal, generous,lazy, honest, envious, immature, optimistic, pessimistic, perfectionist, outgoing, ect....